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Pope comments on condoms - the beginning of a Holy See change in the Catholic Church?

by Patt Morrison

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A woman shows condoms with a picture of Pope Benedict XVI and reading 'I said No !'. The condoms were released to mock Pope Benedict XVI after he rejected condoms as a weapon against AIDS during his African trip. Boris Horvat/AFP/Getty Images

In the latest book by German Journalist Peter Seewald, Light of the World, Pope Benedict XVI said tha the use of condoms by prostitutes to prevent the spread of HIV is a “lesser evil.” The Pope made clear that he specifically approved of “the intention of reducing infection” – but in no way sanctions the use of condoms as a method of birth control. Many are applauding these statements with the hope that even the limited allowance of condom use could dramatically impact the AIDS epidemic. Despite the limited scope of Benedict’s comments this is the first time that any Pope has acknowledged the use of condoms as a step toward taking responsibility for the spread of disease. Could this be the beginning of a sea-change within the Catholic Church?

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