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Put DOWN the carving knife and step AWAY from the turkey! Families have it out around the Thanksgiving table…

by Patt Morrison

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Families have it out around the Thanksgiving table… David Joyce/Flickr

It all sounds so perfect, doesn’t it? Family and friends gathered around the hearth, a delicious meal on the groaning board, and a long, long day ahead in which to share quality time with those you love. But wait, what’s that we hear? Uncle Jack is arguing with brother Bob over the TV remote, Aunt Maggie is in the kitchen insisting Mom’s gravy needs just a touch more salt, brother-in-law Joe’s sneaking shots in the pantry - the whole happy scene is falling apart right in front of our eyes. Sound familiar? Well, it’s all too common and can be avoided. We ask the expert and hear your stories – Thanksgiving CAN be saved, with a little help from our friends.


Diana Mercer, Attorney-mediator at Peace Talks Mediation Services; author of Making Divorce Work: 8 Essential Keys to Resolving Conflict and Rebuilding Your Life, available December 7.

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