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Kamala Harris - first female, African-American and Asian-American attorney general

by Patt Morrison

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Newly elected California Attorney General Kamala Harris touches on a variety of issues she'll be facing when she takes office in January.

When Attorney General-elect Kamala Harris takes office next January, she’ll be the first female, first African-American and first Indian-American attorney general in California’s history. Yesterday concluded a harrowing election in which Harris played the underdog to her opponent, Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley, before coming up from behind, four weeks of contested vote-counting, and Cooley’s victory declaration on election night. Throughout the harrowing campaign, Cooley attempted to cast Harris as a radical who opposed the death penalty and was otherwise soft on crime. Harris repeatedly hammered home that her position on the death penalty is no different from current Attorney General Jerry Brown’s position, and she pledged to follow the law in capital-punishment cases despite her personal views. She did push her innovative plan to lower the California’s recidivism rate—the highest in the nation—reduce prison overcrowding, and more aggressively prosecute environmental and white collar crimes. Harris joins Patt to talk about her agenda as she prepares to take office.


Kamala Harris, Attorney General-elect and current District Attorney for San Francisco

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