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Can you hear Charles Manson now? How cell phones, and other contraband, find their way into California prisons

by Patt Morrison

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A California Department of Corrections officer looks on as inmates at the Mule Creek State Prison exercise in the yard in Ione, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

So Charles Manson, the infamous Southern California serial killer, got a hold of a cell phone at Corcoran State Prison… how did he do it? And what’s more, how does any inmate manage to sneak countless contraband items into the system? The state prison system, comprised of over 30 facilities across the state, has a big problem on its hands and in its cells – inmates are somehow finding ways to sneak in everything from cell phones, to weapons, to cigarettes and drugs. If these men and women are in high security institutions, how does it happen, how big of a problem is it, and how is the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation trying to stop it, or at the very least, minimize it? We take you inside the world of prison contraband…


Lt. Robert Whitford, Investigative Services Unit, California State Prison, Corcoran (where Charles Manson is being held)

Terry Thornton, Deputy Press Secretary, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

State Senator Alex Padilla, 20th District, San Fernando Valley

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