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Michelle Rhee: radically reforming public education, whether you like it or not

by Patt Morrison

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Patt and former Chancellor of D.C. Public Schools, Michelle Rhee. Brittany Knotts/KPCC

She started as a Teach for America recruit and has since become one of the most prominent public education officials in the country. Michelle Rhee has made it her life’s mission to reform the public education system, and her resume proves it. After Teach for America, Rhee founded and ran the New Teacher Project for 10 years before finally being appointed the Chancellor of D.C. public schools where she served for close to three and a half years. Now she’s moving a little south to run Florida Governor-elect Rick Scott’s education task force (there’s speculation that she’ll become his Commissioner of education), and she’s started a new program called Students First aimed at transforming public education across the country. She’s a busy woman, but she’s here to talk to Patt about reforming the nation’s public education system, whether we like it or not.


Michelle Rhee, member of Florida Governor-elect Rick Scott’s education task force; founder of Students First; and former Chancellor of D.C. Public Schools

Antonio Villaraigosa, mayor of the city of Los Angeles

Brock Cohen, English & humanities teacher at Grant High School in North Hollywood

Tom Torlakson, California Superintendent of Public Instruction-elect

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