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The weather outside is frightful… let it rain, let it rain, let it rain?

by Patt Morrison

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People drive their cars through deep water in Los Angeles, California, on December 22, 2010. As of midmorning yesterday, the rain gauge at the University of Southern California campus recorded 5.77 inches. Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

December showers bring... evacuations, traffic accidents, and hail, oh my! As this "Pineapple Express meets Arctic blast" storm covers Southern California, residents react to and prepare for flooding and mudslides that are particularly dangerous after the region's severe wildfires. How much longer until the rain, rain goes away, and what should we expect next?


Steven Cuevas, KPCC’s Inland Empire reporter

Adolfo Guzman-Lopez, KPCC reporter covering the storms in the beach cities area

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