Patt Morrison for January 3, 2011

Republicans take the House gavel as the 112th Congress sits

Mercer 13412

Kitty Felde/KPCC

Congressman John Campbell, R-Irvine

With the newly-minted Republican majority in the House, congressmen and women return to Washington this week with a weighty agenda that includes the omnibus spending bill (that failed in the lame-duck voting but will be back on the floor before freshman legislators find their offices), tax overhaul, education, immigration reform, redistricting, increased investigations of all-things Obama, and funding (or defunding) of the various parts of the health care bill. We hear about the priorities of our own California Republicans starting today with Representative John Campbell of Orange County.


Congressman John Campbell, R - District 48, Orange County; member of the House committees on Financial Services and Budget.

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