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Guns on campus – a right, or very wrong?

by Patt Morrison

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At a time in this country when gun laws and safety are being heavily talked about, who's responsibility is it to keep schools safe and gun free? Tim Boyle/Getty Images

A Gardena High School student was taken into custody this morning after a gun he was carrying in his backpack went off, injuring two other young people. First reports say the shooting was an accident, but in a time of great concern over increasing violence and arguments over gun control, how does a student bring a gun to campus without detection? We ask who should be responsible for school safety –the district, the parents, the police? Or should we all just weapon up… hmmm?


Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Bill Ring, Director and Founder of TransParent, a parent advocacy and leadership development organizaion

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