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“Bleak milestone, not just for the university, but for all of California”—UC prepares to be more exclusive

by Patt Morrison

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UC President Mark Yudof told the regents Wednesday that the UC system will become more exclusive as budget cuts make tuition and student fees go up to levels only some can afford. Matt Cardy/Getty Images

To say it’s been a rough couple of years for the University of California system is an understatement—already staggering from hundreds of millions of dollars in budget cuts, UC is preparing for an estimated $500 million reduction in state funding and a total budget gap of $1 billion for next year. The affects are already being felt on UC campuses, as 20,000 to 30,000 qualified students are estimated to have been turned away because of enrollment cuts. Mark Yudof, president of the UC system, has a bleak prediction for the university’s ability to take on California students: “The moment is fast approaching when the university will no longer be able to guarantee admission to all California applicants who meet eligibility criteria…a bleak milestone, not just for the university, but for all of California.” As the UC Regents meeting wraps up in San Diego the system is going into survival mode, proposing deep cuts and describing the UC’s declining fortunes as “scary,” “tragic,” and “disappointing. Can the University of California retain its place as the nation’s premiere public higher education system?


Peter Taylor, Chief Financial Officer of the University of California system

Tom Lifka, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Academic Services at UCLA

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