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Stop the presses- L.A. doesn't have the worst traffic in the country?

by Patt Morrison

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For the first time in a long time, Los Angeles doesn't top the list for worst traffic in the country. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Has the world gone mad? Are cats and dogs now living together in harmony? How is it possible that Los Angeles doesn't have the worst traffic in the country? Believe or not, L.A.'s traffic is not the nation's worst, that dubious distinction goes to Chicago and Washington D.C., where drivers in both cities spent an average of 70 hours a year stuck in traffic. L.A.'s drivers spent an average of 63 hours a year in traffic, according to the Texas Transportation Institute that puts out an annual survey of the worst traffic in America. The Institute gave L.A. credit for improving public transit options and operational improvements to streets and highways. For those of you who were sitting in rush hour traffic this morning, you might be questioning the sanity of the Texas Transportation Institute, but the numbers don't lie--you aren't wasting quite as much time as you think sitting in traffic.

Sarah Catz, Director of the Center for Urban Infrastructure

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