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Childfree – and green?

by Patt Morrison

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Lisa Hymas, senior editor at, writes that choosing not to have kids is a green choice. Daniel Caselli/AFP/Getty Images

"I'm childfree and proud,” says Lisa Hymas, the high-energy senior editor at, where she writes about environmental news and green life choices. One of those choices is not having children, which she believes is a sound option for environmentally conscious people. She says, "Making the green choice too often feels like a sacrifice or a hassle or an expense, but for people who don't want to have kids, there are a lot of perks to childfree living, not to mention a lot of green good that comes from bringing fewer beings onto a polluted and crowded planet." Are you a GINK? That’s her word for “green inclinations, no kids,” and even though many raise disapproving eyebrows at the childfree choice, it just might be the making of a new cultural revolution.


Lisa Hymas, Senior Editor and Cofounder of, an online environmental news organization; writes and blogs about the green side of being childfree as well as other environmental issues.

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