Patt Morrison for March 22, 2011

Beyond Libya: Activity Across the Middle East

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Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty Images

Bahraini Shiite wave a Bahrain flag as they attend the funerals of Bahiya al-Aradi in central Manama.

With the worlds eyes on Libya it might be easy to overlook a huge stir of activity in relatively the same area. Protestors have been cracked down upon in Bahrain stemming most hopes of reform. In Yemen the president answered calls to leave office by inferring that if he were to step down, the country would be thrown into bloody civil war. In Egypt a government in the midst of reform is struggling to secure a semblance of order. What is going on in the Middle East beyond Libya? What news have we missed from this volatile region?


Ibrahim Sharqieh, deputy director of the Brookings Doha Center

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