Patt Morrison for March 23, 2011

The National Healthcare Act: A shadow of itself?

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Florida Doctor Sees Patients As House Debates Health Care Reform Repeal Act.

It has been one year since Barack Obama and the Democratic run senate passed monumental reforms to America’s healthcare system. Since then, the reforms have been placed under well-publicized and unrelenting scrutiny from members of the Republican Party and have faced attempts at repeal from the House of Representatives. As a result: the healthcare reforms have fallen victim to several key alterations and have strayed in many ways from the intent of its drafters. The National Healthcare Act has, without question, been the most divisive issue among partisan politics during the Obama presidency. One year later, where is healthcare reform today? How has it changed in this past year and where do we go from here?


Michael O’Grady, senior fellow at the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Corporation and director of O’Grady Health Policy LLC

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