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Prison guards en garde: new contract provision gives unlimited vacation accrual and major new problems for budgeters

by Patt Morrison

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Correctional officers sit outside Karl LaGrand's No. 19 observation cell inside the Special Management Unit. MIKE FIALA/AFP/Getty Images

Prison Guard: a job with a reputation for being undesirable is getting some huge overhauls and not just a few new perks. In a new provision approved by Governor Jerry Brown, California Correctional Peace Officers will be able to accrue uncapped vacation time. Correctional officers, along with most state workers, already can stockpile a notoriously high 80 days of vacation time, which can be collected as cash when they leave the job. The average correctional officer has an average vacation time of 19 weeks already accrued, which translates into an estimated $600 million in liability and a huge headache for an already financially beleaguered California. And you thought two weeks was generous!


Jack Dolan, staff writer in the Los Angeles Times’ Sacramento bureau. He write today’s story on the California prison guards’ contract

David Lewin, professor of management at the UCLA Anderson School of Management

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