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Harry Shearer and The Big Uneasy

by Patt Morrison

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A view of the New Orleans Skyline is seen after Hurricane Katrina came through the area with high winds and rain on August 29, 2005. Chris Graythen/Getty Images

You may know him better as The Simpsons’ Ned Flanders or the bassist from the rock group Spinal Tap, but Harry Shearer has more on his plate than just comic roles. More recently, he’s taken upon the very serious and real world duty of documenting the tragic events that took place in New Orleans during and after hurricane Katrina. With sidekick and native New Orleanian John Goodman in tow – along with an additional investigative team of scientists and engineers – the group has set off to tell the whole story of Katrina. The documentary “The Big Uneasy” is the end product of their work and Shearer is confident that it’s going to change some minds. Could the disaster have been prevented by the army core and did the media’s sensationalistic tendencies undermine the potential lessons to be learned? Patt sits down with Harry Shearer and KPCC’s own Molly Peterson.


Harry Shearer, show host of KCRW’s “Le Show” and director of “The Big Uneasy"

Molly Peterson, KPCC’s environmental reporter

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