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Book of Mormon

An original copy of the Book of Mormon.
An original copy of the Book of Mormon.

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“The Book of Mormon” the latest brain child of South Park creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, is taking the world of Broadway by storm, first opening to rave reviews and now nominated for 14 Tony’s. This “slick and smutty” messiahcal (get it?) comedy is the story of two Mormon missionaries on their religious quest across the poverty stricken and warfare ravaged country of Uganda. “The Book of Mormon” while not the original religious text penned by Joseph Smith, still draws heavily from the work and like Mormonism - continues to gain a heavy following. We sit down with Andrew Rannells and Nikki James to talk about it. Can we expect a religious experience?


Andrew Rannells, plays Elder Price in The Book of Mormon

Nikki James, plays Nabalungi in The Book of Mormon