Patt Morrison for June 10, 2011

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A Tale of Two Cities: NYC vs. LA smack down

It was the LA Times, it was the New York Times... How do New York City and Los Angeles compare when it comes to public education, transit and budget issues? Will Weiner-gate eclipse Schwarzenegger’s love child? In one corner, wearing her trademark hat and representing the golden state, is undefeated champ Patt Morrison. In the other corner is Brian Lehrer, host of the Brian Lehrer show on WNYC. Patt takes a bite out of the Big Apple. Will the Big Apple bite back?
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It started with a tweet and has turned into a 24-hour national story. Representing New York’s 9th Congressional district, Anthony Weiner has been engulfed by this political scandal. From lewd photos tweeted to strangers and now the news of his wife’s pregnancy, the story just keeps growing. But do New Yorkers, his constituents, actually care? Is this the end of his political career or just a tweet in the road?
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Book of Mormon

“The Book of Mormon” the latest brain child of South Park creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, is taking the world of Broadway by storm, first opening to rave reviews and now nominated for 14 Tony’s. This “slick and smutty” messiahcal (get it?) comedy is the story of two Mormon missionaries on their religious quest across the poverty stricken and warfare ravaged country of Uganda. “The Book of Mormon” while not the original religious text penned by Joseph Smith, still draws heavily from the work and like Mormonism - continues to gain a heavy following. We sit down with Andrew Rannells and Nikki James to talk about it. Can we expect a religious experience?
United Nations
The “special relationship” between the United States and the United Kingdom has at times grown cooler, but both nations closely cooperated in supporting the recent UN resolution to protect Libyans from embattled leader Muammar Gaddafi’s forces. Since then, the UK has taken a leading role in the NATO air strikes on Libya’s military and governmental infrastructure, and in fact has become so invested in the operations that Defense Secretary Liam Fox refused to adhere to a strict 6-month deadline for military action in the country, declaring that Britain is “there for the long haul to protect the Libyan people." Why is the UK eager to involve itself in an expensive and potentially bloody conflict? And why is its intervention in Libya less controversial than in Iraq? Join Patt in a conversation with Sir Mark Lyall Grant, the UK’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations.
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Move over CicLAvia, New York pilots bike share program

New York city boasts one of the greatest public transportation systems in the nation. They may soon also be able to claim the largest bike share program. Following models based in Paris, London and Washington D.C., riders with a ticket can rent a bike at one station, ride it for as long as they wish and return it to another station--on the other side of town. In just a few months, New York City plans to roll out a 24-hour system including about 10,000 bikes. They’re seeking a private company to start up the program with wireless technology, GPS tracking devices and solar-powered bike stations, but the city plans to share in the profits. How will a bike-share change New Yorkers' transportation networks? And, proponents of the plan say New York's flat landscape and high density make it a perfect candidate, but could something like this ever work in Los Angeles?
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Film in the Big Apple

Founded in 2002 in response to the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, The Tribeca Film Festival (TFF) aims to celebrate New York City as a major filmmaking center and to contribute to the long-term recovery of lower Manhattan. Patt surveys the New York film scene and this season’s hits with a renowned New York film critic and Tribeca film festival director and parses out how the industry here is different from our industry in the Southland. The TFF’s self-proclaimed mission is "to enable the international film community and the general public to experience the power of film by redefining the film festival experience." Has it worked?
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