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Cal State, UC students brace for another round of higher tuitions & program cutbacks

Students walk near Sather Gate on the University of California at Berkeley campus.
Students walk near Sather Gate on the University of California at Berkeley campus.
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The UC Regents today are expected to approve an increase in student tuitions by 9.6%, on top of a previously approved 8% boost, both of which are scheduled to go into effect for the fall. Combined the average increase will mean $1,818 more out of students’ pockets in the coming years, pushing the cost of UC education over $13,000 a year. The Cal State Board of Trustees on Tuesday voted to raise tuition by 12%, also the second increase in a year, that will make the average price for a year at a CSU campus about $6,400—twice the cost of what it was in 2007. While tuitions are going up, again, at both CSU and UC the programs, classes and staffs are all being cut, meaning that students are paying more for less. This is the culmination of an unfortunate perfect storm for California’s higher education students: at a time when a college diploma and training is more valuable than ever before, and an affordable four year university is key during a slumping economy, the state’s public education institutions are pulling back. The aforementioned bad economy and state budget deficits that are annual occurrences has added up to severe cutbacks at California’s once-prized universities. We hear directly from the students to see how they’ll cope with another year of higher tuitions.


Claudia Magana, president of the University of California Students Association; she’s a senior at UC Santa Cruz

Gregory Washington, president of the California State Student Association & a senior at Cal State Fullerton