Patt Morrison for August 22, 2011

7 economic statements: fact or fiction—what’s your opinion?

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President Obama speaks to a crowd about his $75 billion mortgage relief plan, part of the larger $787 billion stimulus package, in February 2009 in Mesa, Arizona.

Comment with your opinion on any or all of the following seven economic statements:
1. Taxes have been going up and are high compared to other countries.
2. The stimulus was a failure.
3. The stimulus should have been bigger.
4. The stimulus will have no lasting legacy.
5. The stimulus was all projects.
6. The stimulus has been full of fraud, waste and abuse.
7. Infrastructure is the answer for unemployment.

ProPublica’s Michael Grabell joins us to separate myth from truth. Will you agree with him?


Michael Grabell, reporter covering the stimulus for ProPublica

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