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Higher Ground: actress Vera Farmiga's directorial debut

Director and actress Vera Farmiga attends the 'Higher Ground' New York premiere.
Director and actress Vera Farmiga attends the 'Higher Ground' New York premiere.
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Vera Farmiga is an accomplished actress appearing in such critically acclaimed films as The Departed and Up in the Air, a role for which she received an Academy Award nomination. Now, because of a deep connection to a script, Farmiga can add director to her list of credits. The actress was cast as Corinne Walker in the film Higher Ground, the story of a woman who begins to question her faith (Christianity), but when the financing for the film hit a stumbling block, Farmiga stepped-in to direct. With her name attached, the movie was back on track and marked her directorial debut. Higher Ground walks us through the life of a passionate, intelligent and deeply religious woman (Corinne Walker played by Farmiga), who, locked inside the narrow boundaries of her spiritual world, starts to doubt herself, the people in her life and her religion. She utters a line to her husband (played by Joshua Leonard) in the film about his unease dealing with things that he can't understand like literature, God, or even how to satisfy a woman. How can some so readily accept while others question? Does the quest for a spiritual life and inner growth lead us to more questions than answers? One of the central questions of the film is, is it possible for faith and doubt to coexist? Patt talks to this ethereal actress about the script and her experience directing for this first time.


Vera Farmiga, Academy Award nominated actress and director