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Novel ideas to old public policy problems: New York City Mayor Bloomberg ponies up to help disadvantaged youth

by Patt Morrison

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NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg attends the New Yorkers For Children Annual Fall Gala. Amy Sussman/Getty Images

With incarceration rates high and educational and job opportunities low, the mayor of New York has decided to use his own fortune to do something about it, with a little help from billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros. Mayor Bloomberg and Soros will each pledge $30 million of their own money toward implementing some innovative ideas to combat unemployment, high recidivism rates and low high school graduation rates. This fall, the Bloomberg administration wants to place job-recruitment centers in public housing complexes, retrain probation officers to tackle the issue of high recidivism rates, provide fatherhood classes and establish criteria for assessing schools based on the performance of black and Latino students. Creative ideas for sure, but will they work and can they be implemented in Los Angeles without financing from billionaires?


Shawn Dove, the Manager of the Campaign for Black Male Achievement at the Open Society Foundations

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