Patt Morrison for August 25, 2011

Extremes of postpartum depression: dropped baby’s death focuses on disorder plaguing millions of moms

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Brooke Shields talks about her battle with postpartum depression on Capitol Hill.

Sonia Hermosillo’s husband, and the doctors who were treating her, say that she was suffered from an extreme case of postpartum depression, ever since the birth of her son Noe Medina Jr. Prosecutors, who will be filing murder charges against Hermosillo after she dropped her 7-month-old baby off of a parking garage outside of UC Irvine, say that she knew what she was doing. While the death of Noe Medina at the hands of his mother is an extremely rare and tragic occurrence it does put more attention on a condition that afflicts millions of mothers every year. Some form of postpartum depression, even the mild “baby blues,” is estimated to affect 80% of all mothers; about 12 – 16% of new mother experience postpartum depression, which often requires treatment with medication and therapy.


Stephanie Morales, licensed marriage and family therapist in Torrance who lectures nationally on perinatal mood disorders; founding member of the LA County Perinatal Mental Health Task Force; coordinator for Postpartum Support International Spanish language warm line

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