Patt Morrison for September 13, 2011

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If it meant going from unemployed to employed, would you be willing to do the same work as those around you but get paid less? Many auto workers in Detroit have said yes; specifically, at a Chrysler plant in Detroit, new auto workers make $14 an hour, as compared to the longtime employees who earn twice as much.
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The public option is not dead, but will Californians vote for it?

Jamie Court, executive director of Consumer Watchdog, a Santa Monica-based consumer advocacy group, plans to put an initiative to add a state-run health care public option on California’s 2012 ballot. Opponents say the initiative doesn't improve the way health care is delivered and paid for.
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Unemployment in California is at 12 percent, a situation that is mirrored around the country.
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Have you ever taken your pet to the vet for what you expect will be a simple procedure only to be hit with an astronomical bill on your way out?
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