Patt Morrison for September 20, 2011

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s sky graffiti

Mercer 21249

Photo courtesy of Saber

Saber's sky graffiti over downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is covered with graffiti - overpasses, street signs, boxcars and every remotely accessible space has born the street art of taggers. On Monday, the professional graffiti artist who uses the pseudonym Saber, found a new place to tag - the biggest canvas of all - the perfect blue sky over downtown Los Angeles. Saber hired five skywriters to make his mark in order to protest the Los Angeles campaign to remove public murals. Angelenos looking up around noon on Monday would have seen Saber’s grievances, “End Mural Moratorium,” and “Art Is Not a Crime” splashed across the sky. Is graffiti art? Did this artist find an appropriate place to make a statement or just find a new place to blight the city?


Saber, local artist who took his art to the skies above Los Angeles yesterday

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