Patt Morrison for September 26, 2011

Foreclosures Spike As Banks Accelerate Loan Default Notices

How much is enough? White House seeks settlement between Attorneys General and banks

President Obama has been pressuring the attorneys general to sign off on a deal that would allow banks accused of wrongdoing in the foreclosure crisis to free themselves from further liability with a one-time payment to the states. All 50 attorneys general, or “AG’s” have been negotiating a settlement over the past year with major banks accused of wrongful foreclosures and practices such as robo-signing, the practice of lenders signing mortgage documents without sufficient review of borrowers’ credit or ability to pay back the loans. Several AGs have already spoken out against President Obama’s proposed deal, announcing their reservations at letting banks off the hook so easily. It remains to be seen whether California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris will join their ranks.
Saudi women wait for their drivers outsi

Saudi women granted right to vote, but still can't drive

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia granted women the right to vote, Sunday, after consulting with religious clerics. The decision is being hailed as a significant symbolic concession. Yet, elections are rare in the Saudi kingdom. A vote that has been delayed since 2009 will be held Thursday, but Saudi women won’t be able to participate in municipal elections until 2015.
Now that the city of Los Angeles has ditched its red light cameras, City Council members are instead looking to manipulate traffic light times in an effort to improve safety and reduce ticketing.

New RAND report suggests marijuana and crime don't go hand and hand

Results of a recent RAND study challenge the assumption that medical marijuana dispensaries promote crime, a rationale often cited to justify their closure.

1493 – When worlds collided

Though populated by numerous indigenous peoples, the pre-Columbian “new world” was geographically isolated from more advanced European civilization.
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