Patt Morrison for October 3, 2011

Wall Street Protest Continues In New York
For two weeks now, people congregating under the movement deemed "Occupy Wall Street" have camped out in the Financial District's Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan.
The 2011-12 Supreme Court term begins today, and there are more than a few hot-button issues on the agenda. The case that’s likely to dominate the others is that of President Obama’s health care law.
cell phone privacy israel
Facebook has undergone yet another facelift, but what may not be as obvious as the layout changes are changes to much of the popular social networking site’s privacy settings. Now you may be sharing even more information about your “likes” and various other browsing without really wanting to. What’s more, there have been allegations that the site was tracking users’ moves even after they logged off.
Nancy Silverton is a rock star in the foodie community. As if the cred garnered from being the founder of La Brea Bakery and the former owner and operator of Campanile wasn’t enough, the revered restaurateur founded Mozza, an Italian restaurant that is currently the hottest table in Los Angeles - and perhaps far beyond.
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