Patt Morrison for October 4, 2011

Social media and trials
The manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray, streamed live from the courtroom Tuesday. Increasingly social media sites and the blogosphere are crowded with opinions about every twist and turn in the case. Legal experts say those comments are expected to influence the way the defense and prosecution make their cases to the jury.

California pursues independent case against banks

California Attorney General Kamala Harris rejected a proposed nationwide settlement that would allow banks accused of wrongdoing in the foreclosure crisis to free themselves from further liability with a one-time payment to the states. On Friday, Harris called the proposed settlement "inadequate." Instead, she's independently pursuing an investigation on behalf of California, the state with the second-highest foreclosure rate in August.
Yesterday was the first day of the Supreme Court 2011-2012 term, and one of the most hotly contested cases it will take up asks if the police and FBI can secretly attach a GPS tracking device to anyone’s car for any one reason, without a warrant.
Nobel Prize
Dr. Ralph Steinman discovered cells born in bone marrow but present all over the body that were the missing link directing white blood cells to target infection.
Hollywood Politics
Separation of church and state is a concept many Americans agree should be applied in politics, but what about a separation between Hollywood and state?
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