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"American Wasteland:" Why we throw away 100 billion pounds of food and how you can cut back

by Patt Morrison

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - DECEMBER 10: Food scraps are seen in a compost bin at The Slanted Door restaurant on December 10, 2010 in San Francisco, California. One way to reduce food waste is through composting. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Don’t you hate it when you forget about fruits, veggies or milk and they go bad in the fridge? Or the days you order too much food and throw some away? You’re not alone.

According to journalist and author Jonathan Bloom, Americans throw away 100 billion pounds of food each year. In his new book, "American Wasteland," Bloom calls our penchant for tossing old edibles a food waste epidemic.


What big forces perpetuate all that waste? And what are the small ways individuals can cut back?


Jonathan Bloom, author of "American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of Its Food (and What We Can Do About It)"

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