Patt Morrison for October 6, 2011

Obama gets his groove back

Critics of President Obama have lambasted him for his accommodating political style and willingness to compromise. Both sides of the aisle have had their beefs – with Democrats voicing frustration with his even keeled demeanor and Republicans exhibiting their opposition with a monolithic response to any idea from his administration, a simple “No.”
GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Orlando Ahead Of Florida Straw Poll
Republican Presidential candidates converge on Dartmouth College in New Hampshire next week for another debate—this time focusing exclusively on the economy and job creation. New Hampshire could host the first GOP primary contest as soon as early January.
San Francisco Leads Nation In Organized Drive To Compost City Waste
Don’t you hate it when you forget about fruits, veggies or milk and they go bad in the fridge? Or the days you order too much food and throw some away? You’re not alone.
Wooden shipping pallets are used to crea

Big box invasion: Walmart finds loophole in LA County

In Los Angeles, big-box stores like Walmart have faced protests, ballot measures and resolutions designed specifically to keep them out of town.
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