Patt Morrison for October 13, 2011

Democrats Introduce Legislation To Safeguard Social Security
Senator Bernie Sanders sits down with Patt to talk about the Occupy Wall Street movement and how he thinks we can reform the financial system to represent the needs of all Americans, not just the top 1 percent.

Reaction to Senator Sanders

Not everyone is going to agree with the Senator's point of view on financial regulatory reform, or on Occupy Wall Street. Patt hears a voice on the other side.

Street artist Robbie Conal: The revolution will be posterized

As the son of two busy union organizers and a background tied to arts since he was a toddler, it’s no wonder Robbie Conal turned to making political statements in his art.
Eight Killed, One Critical After Shooting At California Hair Salon
Yesterday’s mass shooting at Meritage Salon in Seal Beach was the deadliest in modern Orange County history. Alleged suspect Scott Evans De Kraai, an ex-husband of one of the employees, ultimately killed eight people when he walked in off the street and started shooting.
How much does smell unconsciously affect our decision making about trivial things like what food to order and more important things like a potential love interest?
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