Patt Morrison for October 19, 2011

How should President Obama and the GOP court the Latino vote?

How important is the Latino vote in 2012 and what are presidential hopefuls doing to court it?

Justice Breyer on 'activist judges' and our 'living constitution'

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has a new book about how democracy and the court work, and what happens when they don’t.
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Right now, many principals are urging the adoption of a new evaluation system that would rate teachers based on how well their students perform on standardized tests. Will a stricter rubric inspire better performance?
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L.A. City Council mandates reporting of corruption

Do you know about fraud, waste or corruption in a Los Angeles city agency or department, but haven’t reported that abuse to the city controller, the city Ethics Commission or to police? You haven’t been alone.
HBO's "A Note Of Triumph: The Golden Age Of Norman Corwin" - Inside

Norman Corwin, last of radio's Golden Age, dies

Norman Corwin, giant of radio's Golden Age, died in Los Angeles at age 101 on Tuesday.
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