Patt Morrison for October 24, 2011

A marcher places a crown atop a statue o

GOP candidates on judicial reform

Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan, Michele Bachmann’s electric border fence – just a few solutions GOP presidential hopefuls have to fix the problems in America. Now, it’s time to add “judicial reform” to the list.
US Military Holds Thousands Of Detainees In Baghdad Prison
The United Nations’ lead investigator on torture, Juan Mendez, has called for governments to put an end to solitary confinement in prisons, arguing it can amount to torture and cause serious mental and physical damage.
Ready, Set, Pink! Event At Bloomingdale's Newport Beach

Think twice before you 'go pink': The big business of breast cancer

There are endless ways for us to contribute to the $6 billion industry that is breast cancer research: runs, walks, run-walks, salad spinners…the list goes on.
Apple Shuts Retail Stores During Company Memorial For Founder Steve Jobs

What makes pancreatic cancer so deadly?

It’s the deadliest and most intractable form of cancer, and Steve Jobs lived with it for over six years.

A different Cleopatra: The woman behind the drama, lies and enemies

Cleopatra was and remains notorious.
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