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Folk icon Judy Collins with her new children’s book: “When you wish upon a star”

by Patt Morrison

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Singer/songwriter Judy Collins and Patt Morrison in KPCC's Studio B on November 2, 2011. Joe Armstrong

You can hear folksinger Judy Collins captivate dreamers worldwide in her latest project, “When you wish upon a star.” In this children’s book, Collins teams up with illustrator Eric Puyabaret to bring together dreamy illustrations and harmonious melodies. For almost 50 years, Collins has been performing on stage, collaborating with Joni Mitchell, Dolly Parton and even Rufus Wainwright. Today she joins Patt in studio to talk about her new children’s book and her new album, “Bohemian.” Take listen below:


Judy Collins, singer, songwriter and social activist

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