Patt Morrison for November 2, 2011

Dodger Stadium Bleachers

If the Dodgers change owners, will the fans come back?

Frank McCourt’s announcement that he will sell the Los Angeles Dodgers has provided what may be the final chapter in the story of his contentious tenure as owner.

The time-space continuum, as explained by a pool table

It can bend, move, wrap and stretch – but it can’t move forward.
A Chihuahua dressed as a pig barks to ot
If you think that the bulk of what L.A.’s Animal Services Department does is deal with runaway pets, think again.
Judy Collins and Patt Morrison
You can hear folksinger Judy Collins captivate dreamers worldwide in her latest project, “When you wish upon a star.” In this children’s book, Collins teams up with illustrator Eric Puyabaret to bring together dreamy illustrations and harmonious melodies.
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