Patt Morrison for November 9, 2011

Various Activist Groups Protest Outside Obama Fundraiser
Three years ago Barack Obama promised his commitment to clean energy, calling for the end of America’s “tyranny of oil.” Now, the President is under fire for breaking his green promises.
Protestors Gather Outside UN As Ahmadinejad Addresses Nuclear Conf.
A comprehensive report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which relied on satellite photos and intelligence, shows credible evidence that Iran is attempting to make a nuclear explosive device.
Mercer 19680
Prison realignment programs started Oct. 1, with low-level felons shifted from state to local control, putting a frown on LAPD Chief Beck's face. He is concerned about stress on resources and risk to the general population, anticipating that 4,000 early release ex-convicts will be walking Los Angeles streets. To counter the move, he has transferred 150 cops from patrol and other assignments to deal with the fallout.
"Tower Heist" World Premiere - Inside Arrivals

Eddie Murphy out of Oscars: Who's next?

It started with a single comment, dropped by director Brett Ratner during a Q & A for his newest film, “Tower Heist.”
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