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Mixed emotions at Penn State after the firing of coach Joe Paterno

by Patt Morrison

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Police try to control students and those in the community as they fill the streets and after the firing of football head coach Joe Paterno, State College, PA, 2011. Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The controversy at hand takes us back to 2002 when a graduate assistant witnessed a senior football coach molesting a young boy in the locker room showers.

He informed his superiors, including Coach Joe Paterno, yet no action was taken – until now, after the release of a graphic Grand Jury report. Yesterday the Penn State Board of Trustees announced they’re giving Paterno the boot for keeping quiet; last night campus and community members at Penn State rioted in defense of the man who they see as a grandfather figure. We check in with several student voices on the ground who elaborate on what’s going on.


Why is there such a strong loyalty to someone who wronged? By rioting, are the students condoning what happened?


Lexi Belculfine, Penn State senior; editor in chief, The Daily Collegian

Ryan Beckler, Penn State junior; writer, Onward State

Paul Vigna, sports editor, The Patriot-News

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