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The plot thickens in the death of Natalie Wood

by Patt Morrison

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Wood, the daughter of Russian Immigrants, was born Natasha Gurdin on July 20, 1938 in San Francisco, California. She got her first role at the age of four in a movie called 'Happy Land' (1943). She is most famously known for her role in "West Side Story," a film that won multiple Oscars. Marxchivist (cc by-nc-nd)

On the morning of Nov. 29th, 1981, the body of actress Natalie Wood was found in the ocean, several hundred yards from the yacht where she; her husband, actor Robert Wagner; and their friend, actor Christopher Walken; had been celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday the night before.

The official police investigation concluded that Wood had drowned in an accident sometime after midnight, but the event has been the subject of speculation and Hollywood rumor ever since. Supposedly, Wagner and Wood had been arguing and there was alcohol involved. Now, the Los Angeles County sheriff’s office is reopening the investigation in light of new information provided an anonymous source. The source posited that the captain of the yacht on that fateful night, Dennis Davern, had “new recollections” about the incident.


What kind of information could Davern have that would prompt the reopening of a 30-year old case? What really happened that night off the coast of Catalina Island?


Andrew Blankstein, reporter, the Los Angeles Times

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