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Branding the Occupy movement

by Patt Morrison

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Occupy LA protestors march through the downtown Los Angeles financial district on "Bank Transfer Day," November 5, 2011. ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

The international movement that started with Occupy Wall Street has a branding problem: how do you sell an idea that is hard to codify into one simple, marketable idea?

But ideas essentially are products and can be sold to the public as such. The people camped out in tents in cities across America may view themselves as citizens, but they’re also consumers - as are the people whose minds the Occupy movement’s organizers are trying to reach.


Is the Occupy movement’s message clear enough to have a brand? How do you mold an idea into a product that people can easily comprehend


Colette Brooks, Chief Imagination Officer, Big Imagination Group, an Integrated Marketing firm based in Culver City, CA

Sasha Strauss, Founder of Innovation Protocol, a management consulting firm focused on brand marketing; teaches and lectures on brand marketing at USC, UCLA and UCI

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