Patt Morrison for November 21, 2011

Supercommittee Meets In Closed Sessions As Next Week's Deadline Looms

Budget supercommittee to officially admit failure?

Across the country, people are counting down the seemingly imminent collapse of the now notorious deficit-reduction supercommittee, which is on track to miss its deadline to identify $1.2 trillion in budget cuts by Wednesday.
Occupy Protests Pepper Spray
After a group of peaceful student protesters were sprayed with pepper spray by two UC Davis campus police officers, the university police department is being criticized and investigated for allegedly using unnecessary force and impeding free speech.
Occupy LA protestors march through the d

Branding the Occupy movement

The international movement that started with Occupy Wall Street has a branding problem: how do you sell an idea that is hard to codify into one simple, marketable idea?
A woman reads a cookbook at the book fai

Cookbooks vs. cooking apps: which side are you on?

When e-books first came out, we worried if actual books would go away. They survived. Can the same be said for cookbooks?
A great Thanksgiving spread comes with a fair amount of stress.
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