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Warm up your wands - Harry Potter's Wizarding World is coming to Universal Studios

by Patt Morrison

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter kicked off its grand opening celebration on June 16, 2010 in Orlando, Florida. Universal Orlando Resort via Getty Images

Local Harry Potter aficionados can raise their tankards of Butterbeer in celebration... officials today announced that a Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood.

The first Wizarding World opened in June 2010 at Universal in Orlando, and its popularity has been unprecedented - crowds have been thick enough to make any Muggle wish they had an invisibility cloak. But don’t start practicing your spells just yet. The original Wizarding World took three years to complete and California’s version isn’t slated to open until at least 2014. And the magic won’t come cheap – Universal spent well over $200 million on the Orlando Wizarding World. As for that Butterbeer? Be prepared to spend some of your Gringotts gold - a souvenir mug full of the frothy wizard’s beverage in Orlando will set you back $10.


What is behind the continuing phenomenon of the world of Harry Potter? Is California ready for another kind of Magic Kingdom?


Corey Moore, KPCC reporter who covered the news conference at Universal this morning

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