Patt Morrison for December 6, 2011

Payroll tax clock.

Payroll tax cut countdown begins: what will it mean for you?

Democrats say they’ll try again, for a fifth time in two months, to raise taxes on top earners to pay for legislation that would extend a payroll tax cut.
Tree damage in Pasadena

Arborist explains why some trees fell, others survived

The most recent Santa Ana winds took down trees that were hundreds of years old and had previously withstood devastating earthquakes and winds. Frank McDonough is the botanical information consultant at the Los Angeles County Arboretum, where as many as ten percent of its trees cannot be salvaged. He said that righting some common misconceptions about trees can prevent more of them from toppling in the future.

Should we ban email in the workplace?

How much of your day gets eaten up by email? And how much of it is to or from someone who’s just a few yards away?
Local Harry Potter aficionados can raise their tankards of Butterbeer in celebration... officials today announced that a Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Medicare news you can use

Seniors who want to join Medicare or change their plan for 2012 have an important deadline this week. Those who qualify for Medicare benefits will need to opt in or make any changes to their plan for 2012 by 12:01am Thursday, when open enrollment ends.
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