Patt Morrison for December 23, 2011

Dear Prudence, how should I navigate the holidays?

Teresa Castracane/Slate

Emily Yoffe, aka "Dear Prudence," is here to answer your holiday etiquette questions.

Happy holidays! Whether you’re choosing to spend this time with friends, by yourself, or with family, the winter holidays bring out the best and worst in us. We give and receive, compliment and complain, and carry with us the same expectations and concerns as always. If you’re worried about exploding at the dining room table, missing whomever it is you had a falling out with last year, or feeling trepidatious about reaching out and reconnecting, we’ve got the perfect guest for you: Slate’s “Dear Prudence” columnist Emily Yoffe is here to listen to your woes and to tell you to stop being such a scrooge.


What's your worst-case holiday scenario?


Emily Yoffe, aka Dear Prudence, Slate’s advice columnist

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