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LAPD admits crime cameras are broken, unplugged and not working in downtown

A surveillance camera on York Blvd in Highland Park.
A surveillance camera on York Blvd in Highland Park.

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There’s been a rash of reported stabbings on a block in Skid Row in recent days. The good news is that the attacks took place under a surveillance camera; the bad news is that the camera wasn’t working.

Most of the surveillance cameras installed in downtown as part of a crime-fighting partnership between local business groups and the LAPD, in fact, have not been working for two years. Six cameras watching over the Little Tokyo neighborhood were never actually plugged into the police station’s monitoring bank and the LAPD contends that officers were never properly trained on how to use the camera systems. In some cases, this lack of training resulted in officers accidentally breaking the cameras. Patt gets the latest on why these resources are going to waste.


Andrew Blankstein, reporter, Los Angeles Times