Patt Morrison for December 27, 2011

honda hybrid civic

Honda taken to small claims court

Many people would be unwilling to battle the Honda Motor Company, the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in the world, in court without an attorney, but that is exactly what consumer Heather Peters is preparing to do. Peters, along with many other Honda customers, are complaining that Honda falsely advertised that Civic hybrids would get about 50 miles per gallon, but because of technical problems the car gets closer to 30 mpg.

PTHSD: Do you have Post Traumatic Holiday Shopping Disorder?

Holiday shopping, drinks, dinners, travel and the spirit of giving is wonderful until …the tab for all the festivities shows up in your inbox or mailbox. There’s nothing like the black and white tally of the damage to snap us back to reality. It adds up quickly and if you aren’t paying close attention, you could wind up paying off your holiday debt much longer than is necessary.
AIDS Memorial Quilt On Display In Brooklyn For World AIDS Day
Everybody knows that using condoms during sexual intercourse is safer than not using them, but what the City of Los Angeles appears to be uncertain about is who is responsible for regulating this safety precaution within the adult film industry. A proposed ballot measure that would require porn actors to wear condoms while filming in the city of Los Angeles has qualified for the June ballot. However, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has filed court papers earlier this month arguing that Los Angeles voters would have no legal authority to adopt the proposed measure even if it were listed on a ballot.

State senator wants to double fees for lobbyists

California Senator Leland Yee wants to double the registration fee lobbyists pay in California—from 7 cents a day to 14 cents a day, or $50 a year. California has one of the lowest fees in the country, compared to states like Massachusetts, which charges its lobbyists up to $1,000 per year.
As inhabitants of the world’s most isolated nation, North Koreans believe what they’re told. Propaganda has persuaded them that they are racially and morally pure, and that food donations to famine victims are in fact tribute from a terrified United States.
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