Patt Morrison For December 28, 2011

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills

Maher takes on Tim Tebow

TV host Bill Maher is known for being politically incorrect, but he is taking a lot more heat than usual this week after making fun of NFL quarterback Tim Tebow and his Christian beliefs.
She’s precocious and cute, the 3-year-old girl in a video gone viral around the web, ranting in a toy store aisle about gender-specific toy marketing. In the video, little Riley Maida of upstate New York, prodded by her father filming her, becomes passionately emphatic that superhero and princess toys should be marketed to both boys and girls.
Oscar statues are seen at the Kodak Thea

Do Golden Globe nominations affect Oscar voting?

It’s Oscar time again, with nomination ballots sent out earlier this week for the 84th annual Academy Awards to the 5,783 voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Ballots are due back in mid January, and nominations are set to be announced Jan. 24. The awards will be held Feb. 26, 2012.
GOP Candidate For President Jon Huntsman Give Foreign Policy Speech In New Hampshire

Why not Jon Huntsman?

Just what is wrong with Jon Huntsman? He’s the former US Ambassador to China and the former governor of Utah. He’s got a proven track record of working toward a common goal with politicians outside his own party—a background that seems like it should matter to a nation that consistently gives its Congress less than 10% approval ratings.
Lost Kingdom

Author Julia Flynn Siler on Hawaii’s controversial past

Most people know that Hawaii was the last region in North America to enter the union, but many don’t know the elaborate history of the islands prior to being annexed. In her book "Lost Kingdom: Hawaii’s Last Queen, the Sugar Kings, and America’s First Imperial Adventure," author Julia Flynn Siler sheds light on the influential people and events that contributed to defining Hawaiian history and culture.
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