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The latest rumors on the NFL coming to LA

by Patt Morrison

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The Raiders and the Rams during a game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on December 18, 1982 in Los Angeles, California. Both teams have been rumored in discussions about bringing a NFL team to Los Angeles. George Rose/Getty Images

Over the weekend, it seemed as if the Minnesota Vikings, one team being courted to move to Los Angeles, was going to stay put. However, those reports were unfounded, and we may just see another Minnesota team move to L.A.

It isn’t just the Vikings that are being talked about, but also the San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, and St. Louis Rams. All of the teams are looking for a new stadium. As it happens, there are two competing plans to build a stadium in L.A. One plan, by developer Ed Roski’s Majestic Realty, would be called Los Angeles Stadium, though it would be built in the nearby City of Industry. AEG’ Farmers Field is a competing plan, which would build next to Staples Center in downtown L.A. The Chargers have been in talks with San Diego since 2006 about getting a new stadium, but those talks have stalled because of the city’s inability to fund the project.

The Jacksonville Jaguars were a team many discussed as possibly primed to move, but the new owner has promised to keep the team in Jacksonville. The Raiders have no firm plans to move or find a new stadium. Raiders’ owner Al Davis, who recently passed away, did not leave any plans as well. A provision in the Rams’ lease would allow them to leave the city if their stadium isn’t among the top eight stadiums in the NFL in 2014. There have been 19 stadiums built since St. Louis’ Edward Jones Dome, which was erected in 1995.


Rumors have been swirling around a possible football team moving to L.A. for years now. Is this just another case of always the bridesmaid and never the bride? What do you think the team should be named? Why can’t we just create our own team?


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