Patt Morrison for December 29, 2011

Do you have egg on your face? If it’s dull, maybe you should.


A photo found on Flickr whose label reads, "Day and night skin care products [I'm] currently using."

It’s that time of year again…when our skin gets unbearably dry. We spend tons of money on skin care products in this country, but are they worth it?

Many of the products made by the beauty industry aren’t regulated, so it’s unclear if all the ingredients are safe or live up to their claims. Could some of the stuff in our refrigerator work just as well? We’ve heard that egg whites can firm skin and tighten pores; bananas exfoliate and moisturize, both beer and coconut oil can make hair shiny; oats can be used as a facial scrub; the lactic acid in yogurt moisturizes skin and can make it lighter; and olive oil is good for everything.


Are these claims ‘old wives’ tales’ or do they actually work?


Barbara Reed, clinical professor of Dermotology at University of Colorado Hospital

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