Patt Morrison for December 29, 2011

State Supreme Court upholds elimination of redevelopment agencies

In a victory for California Governor Jerry Brown and in a blow to redevelopment agencies, the California Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the state acted legally when it eliminated more than 400 redevelopment agencies to meet budget constraints, but overstepped the law by allowing some of the agencies to remain in existence if they shared their property tax revenue.
Cell Phone Driving

CHP to crack down on distracted drivers

Californians spend a lot of time driving in their cars, but a lot of that time behind the wheel is also spent talking on the phone, texting, eating, reading magazines, and applying makeup, among other activities. Such distractions can lead to treacherous consequences for motorists.

Do you have egg on your face? If it’s dull, maybe you should.

It’s that time of year again…when our skin gets unbearably dry. We spend tons of money on skin care products in this country, but are they worth it?

Rock the Casbah: Robin Wright on the Arab Spring

“For the majority of Muslims today, the central issue is not a clash with other civilizations. It is instead a struggle within the faith itself to rescue Islam’s central values from a small but virulent minority.” So asserts longtime Washington Post foreign correspondent Robin Wright in her new book, “Rock the Casbah: Rage and Rebellion Across the Islamic World.”
Los Angeles Rams v Los Angeles Raiders

The latest rumors on the NFL coming to LA

Over the weekend, it seemed as if the Minnesota Vikings, one team being courted to move to Los Angeles, was going to stay put. However, those reports were unfounded, and we may just see another Minnesota team move to L.A.
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