Patt Morrison for December 30, 2011

With a phalanx of holiday films out there, from “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" to Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo,” there’s been an expectation for theater owners ending the year on a high note. But have theater goers been flocking to big ticket movie fare in droves? Nope.

Time Warner Cable’s rates go up, again – will customers go too?

Time Warner Cable, the country’s second largest cable company, is giving its Southern California customers a not-so-nice present for the New Year: a substantial rate increase. Some rates for local broadcast channels will go up a whopping 27.4 percent, from $13.34 to $17. There will be a 9.5 percent increase for broadcast plus basic cable channels, and a 7.3 percent increase for the digital video package. Even the initial installation of Time Warner for video, internet or phone service is set to soar, from $32.99 to $49.99, a 51.5 percent increase.
A picture taken late on December 25, 201
New Year’s resolutions: noble and ephemeral, they make their appearance in the dead of winter, and somehow, in our bumbling attempts to stick with them, we claw our way to spring. By the end of the year’s first quarter, however, most of us have broken from our stated goals and moved onward down that road paved with good intentions.
Almost a decade has passed since literary critic Harold Bloom called the men and women of the National Book Foundation idiots for choosing to honor author Stephen King with a medal for distinguished contribution. Bloom criticized King for his pop horror and sci-fi genre affiliation, which he deemed without literary value.
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