Patt Morrison For January 4, 2012

US President Barack Obama announces the
In a resounding act of defiance against Republicans, President Barack Obama on Wednesday invoked his executive privilege during the U.S. Senate recess and named former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Confused about the new health care law? Comic book explains all

If you can’t figure out what the health care overhaul is all about, there’s a comic book—er, graphic novel—to make it all clear.
2011 Cooktown Hog Hunt
Crafty criminals are casting a wider net: Farm league criminals may be partial to convenience stores, but the economic downturn has inspired some enterprising thieves to widen the scope of their illegal endeavors… in some cases to actual farms.
A Night Of Style & Glamour To Welcome Newlyweds Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries - Arrivals
How do you convince Californians to support tax reform in their home state? Target Kim Kardashian.
Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was sitting at a table greeting constituents in front of Safeway one year ago when a man walked up, shot her in the head, and then killed six bystanders, including a federal judge and a little girl. What happened and what’s happened since that shooting?
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